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Name Simon, Robert E.
Occupation original planner/developer of Reston
Spouse Cheryl Terrio

Associated Records

Image of 2000.0020 - Prospectus

2000.0020 - Prospectus

I. Reston Master Plan, Report and Maps II. Zoning for a Residential Planned Community III. The Economic Basis for Reston Copy filed as 2011.02.018.

Image of 2010.fic.01 - booklet

2010.fic.01 - booklet

A Brief History of Reston, Virginia. A publication of Gulf Reston, 1970-1973. 40 pages

Image of 2010.fic.006 - Booklet

2010.fic.006 - Booklet

Story of Reston and Master Plan from 1970

Image of 2010.fic.010 - Map

2010.fic.010 - Map

Map of Robert E. Simon Jr's master plan for Reston in 1962.

Image of 2010.fic.011 - booklet

2010.fic.011 - booklet

Report of Simon's Master Plan with maps, zoning, and economic basis for Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.013 - invitation

2010.fic.013 - invitation

Invitiation to the Official Dedication of Reston, Virginia on May 21, 1966 at the Lake Anne Village Center.

Image of 2010.fic.019 - booklet

2010.fic.019 - booklet

Reston Master Plan Report by Simon Enterprises, Whittlesey & Conklin, Massey Engineers, and Springfield Surveys

Image of 2010.fic.025 - newspaper

2010.fic.025 - newspaper

Article by Daniel Poole in The Evening Star about Lake Anne Village

Image of 2010.fic.026 - newspaper

2010.fic.026 - newspaper

Article by Ada Louise Huxtable on the front page of The New York TImes about new town of Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.033 - magazine

2010.fic.033 - magazine

Article from Building Ideas magazine about the development of Reston. Accompanied by other artilces including "Robert Simon," "The Master Plan," and "Questions About Reston".

Image of 2010.fic.037 - paper

2010.fic.037 - paper

Simon's checklist of important design considerations from January 1967.

Image of 2010.fic.039 - booklet

2010.fic.039 - booklet

The Reston Center for Indsutry and Government booklet from the 1960s. Discusses the industrial concept, transportation, education, etc. in Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.050 - newspaper

2010.fic.050 - newspaper

Article from the New York Times on April 29, 1968 about new town development in Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.049 - Map

2010.fic.049 - Map

Whittlesey & Conklin Black Book discussing Reston's Master Plan and development. Gulf Reston revised 9/3/68.

Image of 2010.fic.052 - newspaper

2010.fic.052 - newspaper

Article from The Dulles-Herndon Virginian on July 20, 1967 about Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson's visit to Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.053 - newspaper

2010.fic.053 - newspaper

Article by Dee Wedemeyer about the growth and success of Reston during the 1960s.

Image of 2010.fic.055 - newspaper

2010.fic.055 - newspaper

Collection of newspaper articles on the opening of Lake Anne.

Image of 2010.fic.056 - newspaper

2010.fic.056 - newspaper

Article in The Sunday Star on May 22, 1966 written by Brian Kelly about housing the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.059 - newspaper

2010.fic.059 - newspaper

Article from the 1960s discussing Simon's five basic objectives for Reston and loan policies.