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Name Whittlesey & Conklin

Associated Records

Image of 2000.0020 - Prospectus

2000.0020 - Prospectus

I. Reston Master Plan, Report and Maps II. Zoning for a Residential Planned Community III. The Economic Basis for Reston Copy filed as 2011.02.018.

Image of 2010.fic.007 - packet

2010.fic.007 - packet

Packet of housing information: "The Whittlesey & Conklin Houses at Reston," "The Smith Houses at Reston," and "The Goodman Houses at Reston," descriptive pages

Image of 2010.fic.031 - booklet

2010.fic.031 - booklet

Description of townhouses at Lake Anne Village

Image of 2010.fic.010 - Map

2010.fic.010 - Map

Map of Robert E. Simon Jr's master plan for Reston in 1962.

Image of 2010.fic.011 - booklet

2010.fic.011 - booklet

Report of Simon's Master Plan with maps, zoning, and economic basis for Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.014 - manuscript

2010.fic.014 - manuscript

The American Insitiutute of Architects, Vital Questions. Article on New Towns: What Architects Should Know About Them

Image of 2010.fic.019 - booklet

2010.fic.019 - booklet

Reston Master Plan Report by Simon Enterprises, Whittlesey & Conklin, Massey Engineers, and Springfield Surveys

Image of 2010.fic.026 - newspaper

2010.fic.026 - newspaper

Article by Ada Louise Huxtable on the front page of The New York TImes about new town of Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.029 - map

2010.fic.029 - map

revised map in November 1966 of Reston's Master Plan

Image of 2010.fic.039 - booklet

2010.fic.039 - booklet

The Reston Center for Indsutry and Government booklet from the 1960s. Discusses the industrial concept, transportation, education, etc. in Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.041 - paper

2010.fic.041 - paper a Glance brochures from Spring 1967, Summer 1967, and Winter 1968.

Image of 2010.fic.049 - Map

2010.fic.049 - Map

Whittlesey & Conklin Black Book discussing Reston's Master Plan and development. Gulf Reston revised 9/3/68.

Image of 2010.fic.094 - newspaper

2010.fic.094 - newspaper

Housing Bill Would Spur Program of Planned Growth. Article by Ada Louise Huxtable from The New York TImes about the New Town of Reston.

Image of 2010.fic.111 - paper

2010.fic.111 - paper

Schedule of speakers visiting Lake Anne Center to discuss various topics concerning Reston in 1966 such as the master plan, development of churches and schools, and legal mechanisms and problems.

Image of 2010.fic.138 - newspaper

2010.fic.138 - newspaper

Article by Wolf Von Eckhardt from The Washington Post about a grant the builders of Reston received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to design 200 apartments and townhouses for low-income families.

Image of 2010.fic.145 - newspaper

2010.fic.145 - newspaper

Article by Wolf Von Eckhardt from The Washington Post about Reston being American's first 20th century new town.

Image of 2010.fic.157 - newspaper

2010.fic.157 - newspaper

"A Salute to Reston, on the Dedication of Lake Anne Village Center-Saturday December 4, 1965" Herndon/Reston News newspaper issued on December 2, 1965.

Image of 2010.fic.164 - newspaper

2010.fic.164 - newspaper

Article from The Evening Star about the First Village Townhouses.

Image of 2010.fic.249 - newspaper

2010.fic.249 - newspaper

Article from unidentified newspaper about the "iceberg preview" held at Reston for houses designed by Goodman and Smith.